Furnace Cleaning in Penhold

Furnace cleaning Penhold AB? Make sure your ductwork is spic and span also. Helps with allergies. Learn more below.

Why Do My Walls Get So Dusty?

Dust is made up of airborne particles such as human and pet hair, fibers from papers and textiles, soil particles, and pollen. It’s can also be made up of other materials depending on the environment.

Dust will stick to anything within your house and accumulate, especially walls. It will mostly stick to the ridge and edges of your walls and accumulate over time. Dust may even start layering on walls if left for a long time. It is thus important to dust your walls regularly.

Your walls will tend to get dusty if your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system’s filters are not properly functioning. These filters which prevent dust from entering your home by trapping it should be regularly cleaned.

Having an older furnace will also result in your walls accumulating dust. Old furnace models have low efficiency when it comes to filtering the air. You can solve this problem by buying a new furnace, regularly servicing your furnace, and or getting an additional air filtration system.

A clogged air filter tends to aid in dust accumulation in the house and on walls. They should be cleaned or replaced monthly.

Another cause of dust accumulating on the walls of your house is from the air ducts. This will happen if the ducts are clogged with dust or if they have holes and crevices in them. Cracks around the windows are also the main cause of dust accumulation on the walls. These should be checked and repaired.

High-traffic areas also are more prone to dust accumulation. These are spaces that are frequently used or contacted in the house and include walls around switches and shelves. They should be cleaned more often.

Furnace Cleaning in Penhold, Alberta, Canada

Furnace Cleaning Penhold, AB is a good solution for dusting your furnaces in Red Deer Alberta. They offer Furnace Cleaning services to Central Alberta residents.

Furnace cleaning Penhold is an 11-year old family business that delivers professional and exemplary cleaning services for your furnaces. Unlike amateurs, they will fully clean your furnaces whilst avoiding the further spread of air contaminants in your house or facility.

Furnace cleaning Penhold, AB, will not only inform you if your house needs cleaning but also give you a cost estimate for their services. The cost of cleaning your furnace will depend on the size of your house, and the number of vents or ducts it has.

They will even go ahead to clean your whole HVAC system removing every bit of contaminants and grime.

With their 1-2-man crew, Furnace cleaning Penhold will quickly and efficiently clean your furnace. With some of the best Penhold furnace and duct cleaning services in Red Deer(Alberta, Canada), you can call them on 587-802-4504.

Furnace Cleaning Penhold is the wisest choice to contact for professional furnace cleaning services in Red Deer, Alberta. They also offer other services such as Dryer Vent Cleaning, Air Conditioner Cleaning, Coil Cleaning, and Water Heater Cleaning.


Dust on walls, furnaces, and HVAC systems can result in several health problems such as allergic reactions and asthma. Dusting your walls and cleaning your HVAC systems regularly will greatly aid in reducing such health risks for you and your family. Grooming your pets too reduces the amount of dust considerably.