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What are the Causes of Dust in My Home?

Your home should always be tidy and dust-free. A dust-free house has good air circulation and no potential threat of allergies and diseases caused by it. Once you realize your home is dusty, you should always engage a professional to do the cleaning for you. We are a Furnace cleaning company in Old who render quality services to clients in need. You are assured of value for your money once you choose us for the job since we have a pool of certified and well-seasoned staff to get the job done.

What are the causes of a lot of dust in your house? Here are some:

  1. Cheap and old AC systems
    Investing in buying an AC for your homes helps you to cool and heat the air around it perfectly. However, buying a cheap one or your current one getting old can be the reason why your house is so dusty. AC heat and cool the air in your home using an inbuilt fun and has filters to sieve. However, if your AC is cheap or old, its filters may have holes that allowing dust particles in your house. Once you turn on your AC, the fun will blow dust into your home, which means you should have it checked. Call us, and we will be there ready to inspect your AC for you and change the filters for you to ensure no dusty air gets blown into your house.
  2. Dust lurks in your carpets and mats
    Carpets are an easy dust collection surface. Carpets collect dust from shoes or paws of pets after letting them play outside. You should take off your shoes before entering your house as a way to reduce the amount of dust your carpet collects over time. Carpets should get vacuumed often to reduce the amount of dust collected over time, and if done right, this may cause potential respiratory issues such as asthma. Clean your pets too often to reduce the amount of dust on their paws and fur. Do not sweep your carpets with a broom as you try to dust it off. The dust particles get blown off to other surfaces in the house; that’s why vacuuming fits perfectly. Invest in an efficient vacuum machine and also don’t forget to clean your carpets and mats regularly. As you clean them to ensure you also consider the floor beneath to eliminate the dust below it.
  3. Unclean air ducts
    Air ducts in your house should always be kept clean. Accumulation of dirt in air ducts makes your furnace or HVAC to blow off dirty air containing dust. Vents should also be kept sealed with filters to clean the air penetrating in it. The filters need also need to be replaced or cleaned often to prevent the accumulation of dust particles on them. Calling us for a duct clean assures you of a professional, well-done job. Your HVAC and furnace will blow clean air into the house, and there will be no reason to worry about dust over time.
  4. Leaky windows and doors
    Windows and doors should always be fit right. There should be no gaps nor holes in them because that could be the reason why your house is dusty. These gaps are an easy dust penetration point for dust into your home and need to be sealed. If sealing may not be the best solution, you need to replace your windows or doors to fit perfectly get rid of these gaps. Also, have your ventilations checked for potential openings or holes that can be the reason why your house is dusty.

Final thoughts
Furnace Cleaning Pros Red Deer is here to render its services to clients in Olds, AB. Once you hire, we guarantee that we will not only meet your expectations but also exceed them. We have state of the art equipment to get the job done right. Call us today!