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Need furnace cleaning Red Deer? We’re locally owned and operated in the Red Deer Alberta area. We look forward to helping your family with your ducts and furnace.

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During these difficult times, it’s important that your home is clean for your family and friends. After quoting your project, we will send our licensed experts to your home to properly clean your furnace and ductwork.

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What We Do – Our services

Furnace Cleaning Red Deer

You must have a clean furnace for a healthy, clean home. We take no shortcuts and we ensure a great job done at a great price.

Duct Cleaning Red Deer

We don’t just clean furnaces. We also clean the ductwork that transport the air around your house. Learn more about how we take care of your home.

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Why Clean your Ducts and Furnace?

Because we live in an area that gets extremely cold during winter, a furnace should be in the right working condition all the time. It gets cold living in our great city of Red Deer, AB. So, we need to make sure that our furnaces are effective during the cold months. Furnaces and ducts often get clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. This reduces the efficiency of your furnace. It is therefore important to consider hiring a furnace cleaning company in Red Deer to help you out if your furnace hasn’t been serviced for a while because it could be filled with mold, debris, dust, germs, bacteria, etc.

Here are the benefits of hiring us to service your furnace.

We’ll inspect your furnace.

We’ll give a thorough inspection of your ducts and furnace to see if it is operating properly. This will include inspecting the filter, belt, fan, motor, ignition assembly, check your heat exchanger, check if the start-up is alright and inspect the furnace chimney. We will also assess all the other devices you may have like the purifier or humidifier.

The next thing we will do is clean your ducts and furnace using different methods depending on the condition of your system. We can use the brushing method or the high-compressed air method, or both!

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Your Ducts Cleaned the Right Way!

A furnace plays a major role in a home. It works to heat a home and make the living conditions habitable during the cold season. By doing so it ends up sucking in a lot of materials that normally reduces its efficiency. It ends up being a magnet of debris, dust dirt, and other particulate materials. If you don’t get your furnace cleaned you will be allowing harmful materials and debris to be distributed all over your house. This can result in health complications for people living with underlying conditions such as asthma, breathing disorders, and those who have allergies. If a lot of dirt and dust gets blown into the house, it may trigger an allergic attack or an asthmatic condition.

A dirty furnace has a negative impact on the quality of air being blown in the house. Poor indoor air quality can be harmful even to people who don’t have underlying health issues.

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A dirty furnace is not efficient. You’re wasting energy. You may begin noticing that it is failing to heat the home evenly or it may be failing to heat your home as powerfully as it used to.

A clean furnace can do the following:

It runs more efficiently.

The moment dirt covers the ignition system of the furnace, the heat exchanger, the switches, or the blower motor, the furnace is forced to work harder than it should to be able to fulfill its intended role. What a dirty filter does is that it decreases the air volume which is blown over the heat exchanger and this now forces it to work harder and for a longer period. When dirt covers the heat exchanger which is an expensive and critical part of a furnace, it insulates it. What happens after this is that the air blowing over it is unable to absorb as much heat as it should and this increases the overall time the furnace will run.

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Cleaning a furnace makes it last for a long time.

Furnaces are primarily engineered to generate heat. However, having dirty parts normally speeds the aging process. Parts like the electronic switches and controls will become faulty when embedded by dirt and other materials. The blower motor and the fan will also be forced to run for longer periods when dirty and this will speed their wear and tear. The heat exchanger will also be forced to run longer when dirty quickening the wear and tear process.

A clean furnace runs safely.

When a heat exchanger runs for a long time without being cleaned, it may crack permanently which may lead to the emission of the dangerous carbon monoxide in your home. These cracks are dangerous and are also expensive to repair.

It is therefore important to have your furnace cleaned by professionals. This will save you from the negative things associated with a dirty running furnace. It will also allow your heating system to last for a long time.

But it takes a professional to clean it properly. We’re ready to help. Call the professional duct cleaners today!

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