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furnace cleaning in ponoka

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How Can I Prevent Asthma Attacks at Home?

Asthma is a long-term respiratory disease. Attacks are caused by dusty surfaces or allergens, which can be prevented at home only if you ensure your house is tidy and free from allergens. People who have asthma can also experience an attack when they breathe in cold air, which dries up their airways. This means that you need an efficient furnace or any other alternative HVAC that is clean and circulates clean air around the house. Our brand offers furnace cleaning services and assures you of value for your money once you call us. We care about asthma patients while they are at home, and that’s why we do the cleaning perfectly to prevent attacks caused by dusty HVACs at an affordable rate.

How do you prevent an asthma attack at home? Here are some helpful tips you should consider:

Furnace Cleaning in Ponoka, AB

Furnaces, air ducts or vents in your home are a potential dust accumulation point, which could be why your asthma attacks are often. Getting them cleaned requires a profession like us who is willing to guarantee you of quality affordable services. Cleaning ducts should be done as often as possible because it also prevents dust accumulation on your furnace, which heats the air around your house. Clean furnace
If your furnace is not clean, there is a possibility dirty air is getting blown into your house. Cleaning its filters ensures clean air is heated into your home, and no reason to worry about potential asthma attacks. A furnace also has air filters, which need to be in perfect condition to sieve dust and other particles that are likely to cause asthma attacks. If your furnace filters have huge gaps, it might be time you get them replaced by a HVAC repair company to reduce the chance of unfiltered air getting into your house.

Vacuum upholstery and carpets

Upholstery and carpets are potential dust collectors that often cause asthma attacks. You need to ensure they are always vacuumed often and clean at all times. Failure to do so, the dust particles could easily get blown and find their way into your nostrils, which may cause an attack. Invest in a good vacuum or hire a company that offers the service affordably.

Buy allergen barrier and free bedding

You may suffer from asthma attacks because you bought bedding that has fur. Fur can irritate your nose, throat, and lungs. Purchasing allergen-free and barrier bedding save you the hassle of having to seek medical attention or buy inhalers ever now and then due to attacks. Always ask your bedding vendor about quality allergen-free sheets, pillows, and duvets before you purchase, and you will be safe from heavy medication and eminent attacks.

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