Furnace Cleaning in Blackfalds

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If your computer equipment in Blackfalds is always getting dusty, contact us today! You need a cleaner furnace.

What is Furnace Cleaning?

Furnace cleaning is the regular cleaning of the three parts of a furnace. These three parts are the filter, the blower, and the blower motor. If dirt or dust accumulates in your furnace it will affect these three components thus reducing its efficiency.

Once the efficiency of the furnace is compromised it means that the air in the house will be contaminated with dust. This dust which includes pet hair, human hair, and soil from outside will be deposited on the walls and other surfaces and start accumulating.

This accumulation of dust and its suspension in the air may be of a high health risk. It may trigger allergies and asthma. It is thus important to clean your furnace and HVAC system regularly.

You can check your filter by removing it and holding it in the light. You can then either clean or replace it depending on the compromise it has experienced. You should do this check and cleaning/replacing at the beginning of each heating season or month.

The blower assembly (bower and blower motor) accumulates dirt through its opening. You can access the blower by removing the screws holding it in place and sliding the fan unit out and clean its components. Blower motors should also be lubricated directly or through the oil ports if it is sealed.

Regular cleaning of the furnace has several benefits:

  • Long service life of the furnace. Dirt and other contaminants speed up the aging and wearing out of the furnace components.
  • Safety in operation. A clogged furnace may start emitting carbon monoxide from its heating components into your house. Carbon monoxide is a quiet killing poisonous gas.
  • Efficiency in operation. Regular cleaning ensures your furnace operates to its best without unexpected breakdowns.
  • Saves you money. Efficiency in operation saves on the electric bill. It also means you won’t have to replace major components which would be relatively expensive.

Furnace Cleaning in Blackfalds, Alberta

Blackfalds furnace and duct cleaning services are provided for by Furnace Cleaning Pros Red Deer. We offer our services at affordable prices for residents of Blackfalds.

Our furnace cleaning services include cleaning air ducts, furnace, and the entire HVAC system. With our team of professionals, we will do a full overhaul of your furnace.

Blackfalds Furnace and Duct Cleaning Services will inspect your furnaces and ducts for free. They will then tell you if it needs cleaning and give you a cost estimate for the cleaning services.

The cleaning team which has maximum efficiency does the cleaning within a short time removing all sorts of contaminants within your furnace.

The fact that they efficiently finish their work within a short time ensures that you get back to the comfort of your house quickly.

Their response time to a client’s call is also swift. They won’t keep you waiting.

Red Deer Furnace Cleaning Services is the best choice to contact in Blackfalds for your furnace inspection and cleaning services.