8 Benefits of Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned


When were your home’s air ducts last cleaned? Air ducts play a crucial role in your home as they regulate air circulation within rooms. Ducts serve as the lungs of your house. Further, they ensure heating and cooling from the AC system creating a comfortable living space.

Over time, however, a gradual buildup of dust and debris overwhelms the air duct, making it less effective in its function. Although you may be smart by replacing filters regularly, the air ducts still become filthy over time, compromising indoor air quality.

Cleaning air ducts is essential but may not be the most enjoyable task. On average, a single air duct collects about six pounds of dust per home. So why not let professionals take care of it? Here are reasons why you should have your ducts professionally cleaned.

1. Improves Air Quality

Naturally, dirt and debris slowly collect in the duct system. When air ducts are dirty, air circulating through them will have dust which spreads throughout your house. It will create more housework for you as the dirt and contaminants continually land on your furniture, bedding and flooring. Imagine having dust particles all over your food and water.

Unpleasant, right? Also, dirty ducts compromise the air quality, and you’ll be breathing air with all sorts of airborne particles. People with asthma, allergies, or respiratory issues are severely affected by unclean air.

Professional duct cleaning removes many dirty particles, improving your home’s air quality. You don’t have to experience breathing difficulties or hazards from contaminated air. Also, you don’t have to worry about dirty furniture and bedding.

2. Removes Odors

Your duct may be responsible if you smell foul odors throughout the house. Air ducts filled with mold and mildew create nasty stenches. You’d be surprised at how fast mold can grow and how stenchy it can be. Your house may be filled with odors that always linger despite using air freshers and keeping windows open. Dirty ducts can trap odor molecules from tobacco, paint fumes, and cleaning agents. As the air flows through the ducts, it collects these unpleasant smells, which then flow through the house.

Each house has a unique smell, and air ducts can massively contribute to it. So if you and your family experience any lingering foul smells, your air ducts may be the culprit. Cleaning the air ducts removes the smelly mold, mildew and dirt, making the home smell nicer and fresher.

3. Reduce the levels of allergens and toxins

Throughout the year, mold, pollen, bacteria, pet dander and other harmful pathogens collect in air ducts. Dark and humid ducts create a perfect environment for mold and mildew. These create a good breeding ground for harmful microorganisms to thrive.

Breathing contaminated air becomes a health hazard, especially if you suffer from respiratory issues like asthma. A regular duct cleanup would ensure the ducts don’t become breeding grounds for harmful pathogens and get rid of detrimental air.

4. Easier Breathing

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Dust particles in the air make it hard to breathe. Occasionally, you may sneeze, and cough as dirt can irritate your respiratory system. As well as bronchial congestion, unclean air makes breathing uncomfortable. If you’re suffering from allergies and asthma, dirty air can lead to cough bits, chronic allergic reactions, and other unpleasant respiratory issues.

If you suffer from airborne allergies, you understand how irritating it can be, especially if triggered within your home. For cleaner air, have air ducts cleaned frequently and enjoy a more comfortable breathing experience, improving your overall wellbeing.

5. Increases Air Flow

Dust particles and mold can block air flow through the duct. Heavy buildup of these two limits air flow from the furnace and air conditioner, preventing precious air from circulating in your home. Since the main purpose of ducts is to increase ventilation within a home, mold and grime compromise this crucial function.

You’ll want the air ducts cleaned swiftly. Professional cleanups will remove this hostile debris from the ducts, improving ventilation.

6. Improves AC Efficiency

Heavy buildup of dust and mold not only decreases ventilation, but it decreases your AC’s efficiency. The AC uses air ducts to disperse cool or hot air throughout your home. When the ducts are clogged with debris, the AC has to work harder to heat or cool your house. In turn, it will consume more power leading to a heftier electrical bill.

A clean duct system will ensure the AC work optimally, improving its efficiency and saving you money. It is estimated that 20% of your AC’s energy is lost due to clogged ducts. Surprisingly, you might find out you don’t need to use the AC at all.

7. Prolongs the life of your AC system

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As mentioned earlier, a dirty duct system will result in your AC system or furnace working harder to circulate air within your household evenly. Consequently, the AC will experience faster wear than if it were working more efficiently.

You don’t want to incur the expensive cost of repairing or replacing a faulty AC. A cleaner duct means your AC system runs more efficiently, and the motor will experience less wear and tear.

8. Ensures your home is safe

Dirty air ducts can cause plenty of hazards within your home. For instance, insects and rodents can make your ducts their home. Usually, air ducts are the last place most homeowners think rats can thrive. However, they will nest and breed in dirty ducts. As air flows through rodent-infested ducts, it can get contaminated with germs and bacteria from the rodent’s droppings and urine. Such air flowing through your home can cause serious health issues.

Rodents also eat electrical wirings, which can cause serious hazards. Further, dust can collect on the AC and furnace systems if not cleaned regularly, increasing fire risks. Tragically, many homes catch fire due to debris in their air ducts. A professional air duct cleanup will eliminate these insects, rodents, and dust.


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Naturally, dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants slowly build up in your air ducts, compromising air quality. We recommend you have your air ducts cleaned regularly. As it’s not an easy and dirty job, we are here to help you. We’re locally owned furnace cleaning pros in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Our professional and skilled team will clean your air ducts and furnaces at an affordable rate. Reach out to our friendly customer service to ask us anything!